with the support of Siao-Long Cultural Center and Artist village, Taïnan

Inspired by the process of hybridization of plants that comes by wind from China, Japan and Philippines, Gust of wind, is an photographic interpretation of wind migrations in Taïwan.

In Ferns and Fern Allies, Ralf Knapp crossed Taïwan and listed 747 different species of ferns. The geographic diversity of the island explains the variety of ferns, and according their locations, plants acclimate and modify themselves, some grow savagely. 

By using the materiality of calligraphic rolls and its deployments, Gust of wind takes shape through an oneiric questionnement of migrations, spaces, and life that arise by the wind.

The photographs are presented on washi torinoko paper in order to reactivate the shape of the calligraphic roll. In identical format, the images are combined in a sequence that is deployed in the exhibition space.